The American Civil Rights Movement 1945-1968

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Civil Rights in the USA 1945-1968' is one of six topics in the 'Change in the Modern World' section of the Modern History syllabus, introduced in 2018 and examined for the first time in 2019. The syllabus divides the topic as follows:

  • Survey: the position African Americans at the start of the period
  • Focus of study:
  • Struggle for Civil Rights
  • Key events of the civil rights movement
  • Achievements of the civil rights movement 

These broad headings have been used to structure the book and have been broken down into sections closely based on the structure of the syllabus to make the topic more accessible to students. The two bullet points in the syllabus on Martin Luther King have been combined to comprise one chapter. Malcolm X has been separated from Martin Luther King and comprises a separate chapter. The nature of the syllabus structure means that there is some overlap between chapters and that some points will be mentioned more than once. An additional section has been included on approaching the types of questions that could be set on this topic in the HSC examination.