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Daily Warm Ups Art History

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Daily Warm-Ups: Art History succeeds as a stand-alone title or as a companion to the perenially popular DWUVA00115 Daily Warm-Ups: Art.

Daily Warm-Ups: Art History focuses on the relationship between art and cultural history. 180 quick activities require little or no class preparation time. Ample coverage of key artists, artistic styles, and time periods. Easy-to-use reproducible format. Links to Web resources. As a cross-curricular resource, Daily Warm-Ups: Art History encourages students to recognise and appreciate the connections between the arts and other disciplines.

Please note that the Daily Warm Up Art History no longer includes a CD-Rom. The publisher has revised the book. Daily Warm up series is a wonderful way to turn extra classroom minutes into valuable learning time.

The 180 quick activities - one for each day of the school year - cover all aspects of a basic art curriculum. They may be used at the beginning of class to get students focused, near the end of class to make good of transitional time, in the middle of class to help students shift gears between lessons - or whenever you have minutes that now go unused. In addition to helping students warm up and focus, they are a natural lead-in to more in-depth activities. Daily warm ups are easy to use. Simply photocopy the day's activity and distribute it. Or make a transparency of the activity and project it on the board. You may want to use the activities for extra credit points or as a check on your students' critical thinking skills as they are required and built over time. However you choose to use them, Daily Warm ups are a convenient and useful supplement to your regular class lessons. Make every minute of your class time count!

NOTE: Like many art projects, some of the activities in this book require the use of materials and tools that could be considered hazardous. To ensure a safe environment, set and enforce safety rules in your classroom. Take into account the maturity level of each of your classes when selecting activities. The Teacher's Guide (at the back of the book) provides some options for modifying activities.