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Hands On Maths: Geometry

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Hands-on activities that bridge different learning styles. We believe that all learners can do math by first overcoming any math anxiety and then by participating in meaningful, cooperative learning activities that relate to various learning modalities (e.g., auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile) of each learner. Teaching mathematics has become more student-driven and hands-on. Emphasis on deductive and inductive reasoning through a discovery process enables a student to truly understand mathematics. We feel the labs presented in this book address these concerns. First, our labs address students’ various learning styles. We provide hands-on activities of measuring, constructions, etc., which address the kinesthetic learner. We give opportunities to write and communicate ideas and to visualise concepts, thus including the visual learner. Finally, we furnish opportunities for group discussions and talking through problems, enabling the auditory student to be involved. The study of Euclidean geometry lends itself to discovery of theorems through hands-on applications. Students who derive their own meaning for various theorems will own them and will understand what the theorems mean. We hope you enjoy trying these activities with your students.