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Mastering VCE Business Management Units 3&4

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This is a student text book. Its purpose is to provide a concise, yet comprehensive coverage of Units 3 & 4 of the VCE Business Management course.

Each Area of study contains Revision Exercises. These are designed to reinforce understanding of the subject matter. At times, frameworks can be confusing and ambiguous. It is my aim to present the subject matter in a straight forward, easy to understand fashion while maintaining the rigour of the content. The content is treated in the same order as the framework is written, and headings and sub-headings are the same as framework headings so that students know where they are in each topic.

This book has explanatory notes on: Unit 3. - Corporate Management - Large-scale organisations in context - The internal environment of large-scale organisations - The operations management function Unit 4. - Managing People and Change - The human resource management function - The management of change.