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Picasso Postcards - Pack of 24

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Pack of 24

Among the most renowned and influential artists of his day, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) originated or contributed to many of the major artistic movements of modern times. His extraordinary inventiveness, imagination, and unceasing artistic activity resulted in a prodigious output spanning the fields of painting, graphics, sculpture, and stage design. This splendid collection of cards contains excellent reproductions of 24 of his most famous paintings, in styles ranging from the artist's "blue" period to his groundbreaking experiments with Cubism, and beyond. Among the powerful and innovative works depicted here are The Gourmet (1901), Self-Portrait (1907), Mother and Child (1922), Seated Harlequin (1923), Weeping Woman (1937), Women of Algiers (1955), Bust of a Woman with Hat (1962) and many more. Ideal for use as postcards, these beautiful, painstakingly produced cards can also be framed, used as bookmarks or simply added to a personal collection.