Success in Mathematics for Upper Secondary

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Students requiring revision of the concepts covered in earlier years of secondary school will find this guide useful. Teachers and tutors too could use this to develop a well-paced study program based on the sequence, coverage and the suggested pre-requisites for the various topics. Based on the latest syllabus, this guide is organised into 28 topics, with the sequence aligned as closely as possible to that generally followed by the schools. Each topic starts with the essential pre-requisite skills to be acquired in order that students could have a better grasp of the concepts covered. The topic is then broken down into sub-topics for a more comprehensive coverage. A topic would have its fundamental methodologies clarified with detailed steps and examples. Where appropriate, steps in the examples are further explained in greater details. Some questions are arranged to stretch the students’ academic abilities by including skills relevant to other topics. Detailed answers are provided for all questions. It is the author's desire that students reap the utmost benefit of this book, expanding their grasp of the subject while attaining their examination objectives.