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Explore our top-selling Educational Posters. These captivating A1 laminated classroom posters empower students to take an active role in their learning journey, unleashing their potential through reliable, curriculum-aligned materials.

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Our 2024 Catalogue

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Explore our all-new, fully digital 2024 catalogue! Packed with our best-selling educational resources and brand-new posters for 2024, this catalogue is your one-stop shop for engaging and enriching your classroom.


Bright Education Australia

With over 12 years of experience, Bright Education provides specialised books and posters that cover a variety of subjects, from Visual Art and Music Technology, to Maths and History, to Wellbeing and Digital Safety.

  • HSC History

    These History resources provide comprehensive, accurate and factual detail alongside the views of top historians. Also included is expert advice on how to write quality HSC essays and responses, easy to understand diagrammatic summaries and revision exercises on each chapter.

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  • Making Connections

    This series encourages students to add meaning and purpose to reading, and helps students create meaning and connections beyond the text and to themselves, other texts and the world at whole.

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  • Using SOLO

    Created to support teachers in the productive & rewarding task of developing curious scientific minds, this series harnesses SOLO Taxonomy, an accessible and robust way of making learning viable to both teacher & students while combining with current theories on how students learn & effective pedagogies.

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  • Algebra for Everyone

    Created to provide the informed, practical support both teachers and students need to get algebra learning off to a strong start. Concepts are presented in a variety of ways to help students build their understanding and to gain extensive practice without it feeling repetitive.

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