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30 Days to Melody 30 Days to Music Intervals 30 Days to Rhythm Lessons 45 Profiles in Modern Music 54 Word Games for Musical Classes 99 Musical Games for Music Groups of All Ages 99 New Musical Games for Music Groups of All Ages A Simple & Direct Guide to Jazz Improvisation A Student's Guide to Musical Instruments About 80 Years of Jazz in About 80 Minutes Acting Activities Activities in Musical Composition Africa Appreciating Musicals Artie's Jazz Pack with CD Assignments Audio Book Bach Bartok Beethoven Benjamin Britton's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra Berklee Workshop Book Brahms Brazil Bright Education Australia CD Cello Chaucer Chopin Classical Music Colossal Poster Composers Creating A Character: A Physical Approach to Acting Cuba Drama Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion DVD Ellington English Exercises Exploring the Blues Games Harmonic Ear Training Haydn Help! Im A Substitute Music Teacher! History of Classical Music How to Care for Your Musical Instruments In Search of Chopin In Search of Mozart India Indigenous Jazz Jazz Improvisations with Joe Lovano Jazz in the Classroom: Practical Sessions in Jazz & Improvisation Jazz Warm Ups & Vocalises Lessons Literature Master Strategies for Choir Mozart Music Music & Drama Sale Music Basics Music Styles Music Topper Musical Games for the Musically Minded Musical Instruments of the World Musical Theatre Anthology for Teens: Young Men's Edition Percussion Play Poetry Poster Product Sets Ready to Use Resource Material for the Choir Rehearsal Rehearsal Reproducible Rhythmizing the Bow Rhythms Rhythms of the World Schubert Schumann Shakespeare Simply Brubeck: the Music of Dave Brubeck Singing Stravinsky Substitute Teacher Tchaikovsky Teacher Resources Teaching Poster Set Teaching Poster Sets Ted Hughes The Amazing Jamnasium The Chord Wheel The History of Music: Cambridge Assignments in Music The History of Opera The Singer's Toolbox Theatre Together in Rhythm Together in Rhythm: A Facilitator's Guide to Drum Circle Music Top 40 Fun Facts: Rock & Roll Topper Types of Music Viola Violin Vocal Vocalist Voice Voice Builders for Better Choir Warm Ups What Good Musicians Do with Archetypes World Beat Fun
Types of Music
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Famous Composers
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The Chord Wheel
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What Good Musicians Do
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30 Days to Melody
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Appreciating Musicals
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30 Days to Rhythm
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Exploring the Blues
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The History of Opera
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The Singer's Toolbox
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Rhythms of the World
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Rhythmizing the Bow
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