Lower Secondary Science Learning Through Diagrams

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You will find this book interesting: Science concepts presented in a diagrammatic form. Specially written to ease learning and to stimulate interest in Science, this book will help students in acquiring and reinforcing Science concepts, and especially the difficult ones, more easily and effectively.

This book makes learning easier through the following features:

  • Learning Outcomes Learning outcomes on the header point out the concepts that you should focus on in the process of learning
  • Important Concepts and Key Terms
  • The important concepts and key terms are presented clearly in simple language
  • Further explanations linked to the diagrams help you better understand the concepts
  • Interesting Visuals
  • Visual aids such as concept maps, flow charts and annotated diagrams are integrated to make the concepts easier to understand and remember.
  • Real-life Examples: These examples show real-life application of concepts and explain the inquiries on the phenomena that happen in our everyday lives
  • Worked Examples: Step-by-step worked examples help to reinforce your skills in solving problems involving calculations
  • Instant Facts: These are extra information that can help you acquire a more in-depth understanding of the topic under discussion