50 Brain Builders for English Classes

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Looking for something to get your classes energised? Need an extra-special activity to get your English class going? These 50 critical-thinking activities offer fun, engaging brain builders designed to encourage sideways thinking and get your students thinking out of the box.

This popular classroom resource will have them solving word puzzles, thinking up new names for old things, rewording slogans, creating limericks and forming metaphors. With this edition, you can be sure that all your students will develop and use a variety of thinking strategies - including flexible thinking, visual thinking, problem solving and more...

Use this book to invite fresh, creative,and smart thinking from all your learners. This invaluable resource provides you with 50 fun and challenging activities that can be worked on independently or in groups. Let your students stretch their imaginations as they brainstorm through these motivational activities.

* Ideal for using as a bell- ringer, homework, extra credit on a test and much more

* Builds important skills - critical thinking, fluent thinking, flexible thinking and problem-solving

* Perfect for all students, regardless of ability level or learning style including ESL students

* Great for students to work on independently or in small groups

* Includes complete teacher notes, answers to all questions and more

- Builds problem-solving skills through creative and imaginative activities - Invites critical and innovative thinking - Stimulates divergent thinking while making learning fun

Grades 6-8, 78 pages.