Apple & the iPhone Case Study 2020 Edition

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Apple and the iPhone Business Case Study (2020 edition) is an interesting and highly relevant case study on Apple’s leading product, the iPhone.

The iPhone Case Study is a excellent resource to capture the interest of students and comprehensively cover all four key business functions: operations, marketing, finance and human resource management.

Over 100 pages in full colour, providing an in-depth case study on Apple's leading product, the iPhone. The iPhone Case Study is a major supplementary text for HSC Business Studies and IB Business Management. IB Business Management... The iPhone Case Study is an excellent resource for teachers and students of IB Business Management, providing an in-depth case study that is highly relevant for Section C of the Paper 2 examination. 

The key concepts of innovation, ethics, culture, globalisation and change are covered in connection with relevant business management strategies and stakeholders. It is a great resource for capturing student interest and comprehensively covering all four topics of the current HSC Business Studies syllabus and IB Business Management course.

Other great features include... In the News: media extracts on the iPhone Linking of syllabus concepts and the interdependence of key business functions Tasks & focus questions for in-class discussion and revision.