Building Strong Mathematicians Book 4

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Building Strong Mathematicians Book 4 - Activities cards to reinforce and extend number and algebra learning


Book 4 is more activity card based but includes enough concept explanation so that teachers can use it as a stand-alone or alongside Book 1. The activities in Book 4 are graded: (I) introduction to the concepts; (C) consolidating the concepts; or, (E) extending the concept, giving teachers the opportunity to teach the same core concepts along with being able to provide students with independent activities, depending on where they are at.

The major units cover: - prime numbers and composite numbers - squared numbers and square roots - factors and multiples - associative, commutative and distributive laws - integers - order of operations - BEDMAS - fractions, decimal numbers and percentages Building Strong Mathematicians

Give your students every opportunity to become strong mathematicians with this series of resources designed to introduce and consolidate skills with number and algebra strategies outlined in the curriculum.


Caroline Mulholland is an experienced teacher and author. She has taught in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. When not teaching or writing, she is a busy mother of two. Her two children Emma and Jack are both her biggest fans and harshest critics and enjoy helping to test out her new books and to ensure there is plenty of fun alongside the learning activities. They particularly like trying any type of science experiments and activities that involve code cracking and logic skill.