Daily Warm Ups World History Level 1

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Useful as mental warm-ups at the start of a class, time fillers at class's end, or transitions in the middle, 180 quick questions (arranged chronologically from the first hominids to the 9/11 terrorist attacks) test knowledge, challenge research skills, or demand critical thinking. Sample questions: What characteristics of a river valley civilisation developed in the Shang dynasty? What goods moved along the Silk Road? Who signed the Magna Carta? Who were the original "Young Turks"? What was the outcome of the Wannsee Conference? Other questions involve true/false responses, matching, or ranking events in chronological order.

Grades 5–8. Answer key. 200 pages.

  • Engaging activities complement world history curriculum
  • Helps students learn and review world history
  • Boosts critical, creative, and historical thinking skills