Enduring Visions: Women's Artistic Heritage Around the World

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Women Artists around the world have adorned, shaped, and chronicled their communities. Embracing both continuity and change, women's art often calls upon exceedingly old artistic customs to help affirm individual identity. These ancient connections join the past to the present providing a visual legacy for future generations. In recent decades, women artists have used their unique voice and perspective to support their families, their communities, and the rights of women in general. Today, women in every country continue to use art as a part of their historical roles as healers and cultural bearers. Enduring Visions focuses on such fascinating traditions as Ndbele wall murals, Igan Puas, Hungarian agyvitel, and Taino duhos. This colourful and lively book offers a compelling look at women's inspiring and eternally vital creativity, across the globe through the centuries. Table of Contents: Introduction 1. Africa 2. Arab World 3. Asia 4. Caribbean 5. Eastern Europe 6. Latin America 7. Oceania 8. United States and Canada 176pp., 130 ill., 115c.