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Explaining Scientific Experiments Book 1

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Explaining Scientific Experiments - Book 1 - Practical experiments and the science behind them


Explaining Scientific Experiments - Book 1, opens up many tantalising opportunities for experimentation at the primary to lower secondary school level with step-by-step worksheets designed to light the spark of scientific curiosity in your classroom. From a teacher’s perspective, it has the added attraction of taking much of the time and trouble out of facilitating learning: every experiment is accompanied by teacher notes that offer a deeper understanding of the concepts behind it, along with handy troubleshooting tips and answers to tricky questions that students love to ask.

PAGES: 59 | AGES: 10-12 | PUBLISHED: March 2018 Scientific Experiments By Julia Burton

Make science accessible, relatable and absolutely irresistible with this Scientific Experiments series. Each book draws students into science learning and builds their skills and enthusiasm through thought-provoking worksheets and experiments across the broad spectrum of science disciplines.

AGES: 10-15 years