Find the Errors! I Grades 7-9

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No matter how much teachers may talk about the importance of solid writing skills, nothing beats giving students the opportunity to make their own edits. Find the Errors! is a light-hearted approach to this age-old challenge.

37 passages contain short, humorous anecdotes, letters, crossword puzzles and more. But each passage is also riddled with errors! Now it's up to your students to go into those passages and identify and annotate the mistakes.

They'll work on spelling, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, and style. For middle school students, this is a very successful way to engage them, while giving them a palpable sense of accomplishment as they improve each passage.

Extensive teacher support includes grammatical rules, answer keys, additional activities, and tests for easy assessment Find the Errors! is an easy and effective way to improve your students' writing skills.

These reproducible worksheets capture student interest with humorous, high-interest anecdotes riddled with common writing errors. Students locate the errors in each activity and then rewrite the text correctly. They learn the technique of proofreading, they become adept at locating these same errors in their own writing.

Five units focus on spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, sentence structure and style. Included with each activity are overviews of the text and exercises, brief teacher notes, and suggestions for hands-on and cooperative extension activities. pretests and posttests for each unit allow you to assess student mastery of proof reading skills and determine specific areas in which students have difficulty.

As students work through these activity sheets, they'll develop confidence in their writing and learn how to communicate more effectively. This updated edition of Find The Errors! will engage your students while providing practical reinforcement of essential skills.

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