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Sir John Gielgud's portrayal of Hamlet is the hallmark of all Hamlets. While Gielgud played the part over 500 times, this remarkable recording captures one of his finest performances. The passion, mental turmoil and frustration are vividly portrayed, both intensely moving and disturbing.

Gielgud's performance is touched by wit and moments of comic brilliance. His masterful command of Shakespeare's poetry flows effortlessly. Gielgud becomes Hamlet; every inch of his being embodies the complexities of this flawed character. Issued for the first time on CD, the recording conveys the subtleties of the Shakespearean text in perfect detail, showcasing Gielgud's skilful execution of literature's greatest play.

Also featuring the 1954 BBC talk, Hamlet - The Actor's View, this recording is a unique celebration of the exceptional talents of one of the world's greatest Shakespearean actors. 3 CD set.