Jazz Up Your Writing

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There are many educational resources that supplement the learning of writing. Some give instructions on sentence construction and grammar, some provide descriptive words and phrases, while others focus on specific writing skills.

This book assumes students are able to construct grammatically correct sentences. It aims to inspire students and help them develop their unique writing style.

The models in this book, compositions written by Upper Primary Students, offer an insight to writing styles common to this group of children. It is my hope that this book will help students aspire to write better and in the process, discover their own personal writing style.

Understand the phase of writing LED: learning – experimenting – developing

  • Learn from your peers
  • Actual compositions written by students assessed by the author
  • Master your draft
  • Work on the Elements Easel to Sort your ideas
  • Practise on your own Learn to form creative sentences for your compositions
  • Learn from the answers
  • Suggested answers serve as reference for ideas