Making Connections Book 7 Journeys - Creative ideas & activities for exploring the links beyond a text

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Making Connections Bk 7: Journeys - Creative ideas and activities for exploring the links beyond a text


Structured around the rich and thought-provoking theme, journeys, this book begins with a particular text before it explores possible subthemes and texts for comparison. Information sheets draw together the rich range of creative, insightful ideas presented and worksheets help students to consolidate the information and practise their connection-making skills.

PAGES: 64 | AGES: 12-15

To meet examination and other curriculum requirements, senior students need to make connections beyond the text - to themselves, other texts and the wider world. This Making Connections series aims to guide them to make those connections in a purposeful and meaningful way.

Each book in this series:

  • guides students in making connections beyond the texts they read, adding meaning and purpose to the reading process
  • develops students' thinking skills and their understanding of texts
  • explores a particular theme and text in depth, drawing in subthemes and other texts
  • includes extensive supporting material, including information sheets and worksheets