Maths Conquest Secondary Level 2

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The Maths Conquest series is designed to assess Secondary students in their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, skills and processes. The test papers, written in accordance with the latest syllabus in Singapore, cover work to be done in an entire school term. The series provides Continual Assessments, Semestral Assessments and for Secondary 4, Specimen Examination Papers.

In addition, students will find these features helpful:

- Learning objectives for each test set are stated so students can plan their revision

- Full-worked solutions are provided for students to understand better how each problem is solved

- Suggested marks allocation highlights essential and necessary workings to be shown in order to obtain maximum marks.

Remarks in the answer scheme provide insights on some common mistakes, alternative answers, illogical workings, carelessness or points to take note on why certain answers are not awarded with marks. Proper time management is important in mathematics tests and examinations. Students should be proficient in completing the test papers within the allocated time. Students who have worked through this book will find this book a useful resource for reference to the types of questions, workings and marking scheme to be expected in an important school test or examination.