Media Literacy: Television

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Thinking Critically About Television is part of the Media Literacy series. Authored by Peyton Paxson, a professor who specialises in understanding the relationship between the media and the classroom, Thinking Critically About Television contains 50 lessons and activities that challenge students to examine the roles and power of TV. Sample lessons include: Who Has Control? What Makes a Good Show Good? That Person Is Crazy Violence on Television Golf Versus Wrestling Stimulus Addiction Cops and Cameras Teenagers are the driving force behind television, in terms of what gets produced, sold, and watched. This intelligent, engaging book gives them the opportunity to step back and think clearly about how TV casts a shadow, both positive and negative, over much of their lives. Thinking Critically About Television is ideal: In a media, design, or computer environment As an inter-disciplinary resource in language arts or social studies classes For students who are more engaged in television and less engaged in schoolwork To address the National Educational Technology Standards issued by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

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