O Level Essential Study Guide Additional Mathematics

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During the preparation of the series O-Level Essential Study Guide Additional Mathematics, the author kept the students in mind, particularly the group of students who are not able to follow the pace of learning in school. Each concept is explained in detail. The author has also taken great care to ensure that each concept taught will be understood easily. In addition to the illustrated examples and notes, teacher’s comments and suggestions by the side will also facilitate the learning process. The book focuses particularly on important key words which will help students to recall and apply key concepts and formula to solve Additional Mathematics questions. For the more advanced students, this series of guidebooks serves to complement the current Additional Mathematics textbooks available in the market. Students can look out for common misconceptions and certain short cuts which will enable them to solve problems with fewer steps and in a shorter time.

The series comes in three parts:

Part 1: Focuses on the building up of the foundation in Algebra

Part 2: Focuses on Calculus (Differentiation and Integration)

Part 3: Understanding the concepts in Geometry and Trigonometry