Scratch Programming Playground

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Scratch, the colourful drag-and-drop programming language, is used by millions of first-time learners, and in Scratch Programming Playground, you’ll learn to program by making cool games. Get ready to destroy asteroids, shoot hoops, and slice and dice fruit! Each game includes easy-to-follow instructions, review questions, and creative coding challenges to make the game your own. Want to add more levels or a cheat code? No problem, just write some code. You’ll learn to make games like: Maze Runner: escape the maze! Snaaaaaake: gobble apples and avoid your own tail Asteroid Breaker: smash space rocks Fruit Slicer: a Fruit Ninja clone Brick Breaker: a remake of Breakout, the brick-breaking classic Platformer: a game inspired by Super Mario Bros. Learning how to program shouldn’t be dry and dreary. With Scratch Programming Playground, you’ll make a game of it! About the Author Al Sweigart is a software developer who teaches programming to kids and adults. He has written several best-selling Python books for beginners, including Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, also from No Starch Press.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Scratch Learn how to join the Scratch community and use the Scratch editor.

Chapter 2: Rainbow Lines in Space! In this chapter you’ll create an animated art project using basic code blocks and several sprites working together. You’ll also learn about directions and degrees.

Chapter 3: Maze Runner Can you escape the maze? Control the cat with the keyboard and guide it through eight different levels.

Chapter 4: Shooting Hoops with Gravity Learn how to make a basketball game that implements realistic gravity.

Chapter 5: A Polished Brick Breaker Game Take a plain brick breaker game and turn it into a polished, exciting game with animations, sound effects, and more.

Chapter 6: Snaaaaaake! This chapter features the classic computer game in which the player guides an ever-growing snake around the screen. It explains how to use Scratch’s sprite cloning feature to make the stretching snake body.

Chapter 7: Fruit Slicer Make a clone of the hit smartphone game Fruit Ninja! In this version, the player will slice fruit in mid-air using the mouse.

Chapter 8: Asteroid Breaker . . . in Space! This chapter features a clone of the classic space shooter Asteroids. You’ll add mouse and keyboard controls to the spaceship

Chapter 9: Making an Advanced Platformer Pulling together many of the concepts used in previous chapters, this chapter explains how to create a platformer game with walking and jumping animations, platforms, and AI controlled enemies.