Success in Year 7 & 8 Shakespeare

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Shakespeare is fun and it is the intention of this book to ensure it is so. Here we have aimed to make the man and his works accessible to all levels of junior high school so that all abilities can enjoy some of the works. 

Studying Shakespearean drama helps satisfy requirements to investigate 'literature from other countries and times' and explore ' cultural heritage' for all Years. Like so many English teachers, we like to teach our year 7 & 8 students (Stage Four) Shakespearean works.

In this book you will find activities of use for both students at home and teachers in the classroom. Different types of text have been incorporated and literacy activities are integrated into the different activities. With context being so important to an understanding of the man and his works, we have included a section on Elizabethan times and a short biography of the man and his works. Simple time-lines make this information quick and easy to access.

We have focused on two Shakespearean comedies that are commonly available in English bookrooms. Some theoretical information is given as a guide to the genre but we have deliberately kept this simple and the main focus is on the works themselves. The plays covered are Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream. We have found that students respond to these well. Keeping in mind the spirit of the syllabus, we have also included work on the film texts of these works.

Some comparative activities are also included to show students how the composers can manipulate texts. To assist readers, we have included a relevant glossary and additional literacy activities to assist with a general understanding as well as developing specific skills using Shakespeare as a base. These terms will be learned through experience.