Thinking About Texts Book 1 - Bloom's Taxonomy & Thinkers Keys

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Thinking about Texts Bk 1 - Bloom's taxonomy and thinkers keys


Systematically extend your students’ thinking skills within your English programme. Each task card on a given text type requires students to use a particular thinking strategy.

Book 1 focuses on the use of thinkers keys, within a Bloom’s framework to explore novels, plays, films and biographies. Multiple intelligences, within a thinking hats framework, form the foundations of Book 2; tasks are concerned with shorter text types such as poetry, speeches and newspaper articles.


  • deepens understanding of a variety of texts at the same time as developing crucial thinking skills
  • sets out photocopiable task cards, ready for use by individuals, pairs, small or large groups
  • offers activities designed to benefit students of all abilities in the class
  • covers both extended and shorter texts, and both fiction & non-fiction


Yvette Krohn has taught English for the past 18 years, first in South Africa and later in New Zealand, where her main role has been teaching high-level thinking courses, including gifted and talented education, extension and scholarship classes. She has been a faculty head of languages and an assistant principal, as well as a lecturer of communications and learning styles at Lincoln University. Passionate about thinking skills, Yvette has a particular interest in incorporating philosophy, psychology and social theory into the English curriculum, primarily through the medium of film.