Warm Up Games for Grammar

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Warm-up Games for Grammar Yrs 7-8 - Catalysts for effective and purposeful grammar learning.

At last, a series that shows you how to teach grammar to children in an engaging way so that it will stay in their memories forever! Recognising grammar is often invisible as well as complex, Warm-up Games for Grammar brings it out into the open so that children can see it, play with it and understand how and why we need to learn about it.

Each book draws on successful techniques from drama, movement and sports games to offer exciting and creative ideas for making grammar learning easy, fun and purposeful. The empowering mesage this series is that when we understand grammar, we are better equipped to express ourselves by arranging words in ways that bring them to life.


  • contains a multitude of fun, quick games and activities to bring grammar alive for students
  • supports literacy programmes already happening in your classroom
  • explains the complex rules of grammar simply and clearly
  • highlights the meaning and purpose of grammar learning 

PAGES: 56 | AGES: 11-13 | PUBLISHED: February 2016


Frances Adlam, a highly experienced and creative educator and therapist, has 20 years of teaching experience, is considered a “gifted teacher” by many, and for over 15 years has been involved in teaching the arts, creativity, multiple intelligences and working with creatively gifted children. She has lectured in New Zealand and been an adviser for teachers in the aforementioned areas. She is also a published children’s author, a dancer and a playwright. She currently works as an educator and therapist for children in her private practice, Out of the Box, where she specialises in working with children who are on the spectra of dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome and autism. Frances has written many resources for Essential Resources, some of which are under her former name, Frances Reed.

You can find out more about Frances at www.outofthebox.net.nz.