World History Challenge

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Grades 9-12. 

A Classroom Quiz Game By Kathy Sammis. This quiz game in the popular Jeopardy game show format offers questions from 50 study topics spanning prehistoric times through the present. Each topic is divided into four categories with at least 20 questions per category. For example, the topic "Ancient Greece" includes 21 questions (increasing in degree of difficulty) for each of these categories: "origins and geography," "politics and society," "era of city-states," and "Hellenistic age." Among the 50 topics addressed are Mesopotamia, age of exploration, Africa and imperialism, World War I, and science and technology in the 20th century. The questions interweave traditional and social history, art, science, religion, and economics. Includes an answer key.

Grades 6–12. Answer key. 153 pages. Third Edition.